The Seven Things about Abaya UK

The black abaya is an outfit worn by Muslim woman when in public. The Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia, UK, and other countries have to wear a long black abaya, known as cloak and also cover their hair. Non-Muslim Western women also have to wear open abaya and need to carry a scarf to cover hairs if they are asked to. The most important things about wearing abaya UK are as follows:

  • The scarf worn over the hair covers all the bad hair/ bad dye/ bad cut, etc.
  • Wearing open abaya over your bloated tummy and tight jeans.
  • You can go out to the supermarket in your old and grubby/ soiled clothes and you meet an old friend of yours and then you decide to go on a coffee, not to worry just wear your black abaya over your clothes and then no one cares about you have worn inside abaya. Hence, no need to go home and change your clothes.
  • You go out for a lunch/ brunch in the restaurant and spill your curry over your dress, so don’t worry about someone will see your stain, just wear your abaya UK over your dress and your stain is covered.
  • You can even your abaya and go around your home even when your bathrobe is in washing.
  • Once the abaya covers your dress, you can focus on trending on new shoes and create fashion.
  • Another most important thing is black abaya is slimming, as it is black in color and black is slimming.

Abayas can be purchased from stores and also online too. There are plenty of online shops and sites which are selling abayas. To name a few, Abaya UK, Miss Abaya (UK), USA The elegance of black, USA Al Farah, Online Abaya (UAE), Sunnah style (Canada), USA Al Ikhlas, (Jordan), Modest Forever (India), and many more.