Propaganda against Smoking Promoted E-Cigarette Use

Cigarette smoking is a prevailing practice in many parts of the globe for many years that make use of tobacco smoke inhalation. Tobacco contains nicotine, a very toxic chemical which is hazardous from human health perspective and this fact is known to every cigarette smoker. The smoke inhaled through cigarette smoking is destructive for lungs and is one of the major causes of lung cancer that has been proved in many clinical studies. But despite this number of smokers has ever increased and many smokers have been able to create smoking addiction and have become chain smokers.


Propaganda against smoking

This issued has been viewed seriously and some countries have passed legislations against tobacco smoking and sale of cigarettes. For instance, sale of cigarettes or other tobacco products to individuals under 18 years of age is banned. Warnings are issued by the governments and health authorities to create fear among regular smokers but this has been least effective because of its addictive nature. However, some health-conscious people take it seriously. E-cigaret which means electronic cigarette or shortly called e-cigarette is a good alternative to tobacco-based cigarette smoking that replaces smoke from burning of solid tobacco to e-v├Žske or e-liquid which is used to vape in through battery-operated device, called e-cigarette which is a modern way of smoking and is best alternative for smokers to reduce but not completely eliminate health hazards caused by smoke inhalation. Propaganda against cigarette smoking helped to promote the use of vaping.

New way for smokers

e-cigaretter have gained utmost popularity over past few years because of their benefits over cigarette smoking and many chain smokers have switched over to the habit of vaping rather than cigarette smoking. E-cigarette use has become a status symbol for people from sophisticated society because of its convenient use and being a modern method of smoking. Modern generation love to use this way of smoking.