Precautions You Should Take for E-cigarette Device in Winter & Wet Weather

Cigarette smoking is a worldwide practice despite lot of publicity about its adverse effects on health that are fatal sometimes Chain smokers can’t avoid smoking because they have addiction. There are no health benefits of smoking except that you may feel different or cozy feeling in winter. The feeling is same whether you burn tobacco in a cigarette or fill e-væske in e-cigarette and inhale smoke or vapor respectively. Safety is needed in both cases to prevent physical damage. Regular smoking has risk of burning some part of body due to negligence and e-cigarette use is also not free from risks.


Here are some precautions that you take as an e-cigaretter.

  • Cold weather smoking is more pleasurable but use of e-cigarette battery in cold weather may be trouble and sometimes battery stops working at extremely low temperature. So, it must be taken care of that your vapor inhalation is not poor due to weal battery performance.
  • Use of fluid is another winter related issue. You should use high Vegetable Glycerin (VG) level during winter for efficient working of your e-cigarette kit. There is a reason to avoid higher Propylene Glycol (PG) level because this becomes more viscous in winter and starts crystallizing. Then a fluid is viscous, it is harder to warm it by coils.
  • Wetting is also a winter related problem because of snow, winter rains, or other bad weather conditions. E-cigaret is an electronic device and thus, it is important to ensure that it is not exposed to moisture or water which may cause damage to kit, and specially battery.

These safety tips will allow you to get efficient performance from your device.

E-cigarette as efficient device

E-cigarette is better and efficient compared to a regular cigarette from every angle such as health risk, working, usability, and durability. You can make use of efficiency of this device provided you take care of it, especially in winter and wet weather.