Medical conditions associated with dry skin under eyes

It’s not always your cosmetics that can be causing dry flaky skin under eyes. Sometimes some medical reasons can be the cause you are into this problem. You will have to read article on under eye dryness to know what other causes of flaky skin are. These conditions are very serious and need immediate medical attention. If you are searching how to treat skin around eyes tips, and is a sufferer then it’s very much important that you get aware about such medical condition.

  1. Eczema: In most of the cases, eczema is the reason you get flaky and irritated skin under eyes. These can cause dryness to several parts including around eye. Sweat and dust can be one of the causes you get this. It is not so serious and can be controlled by following a good skin care regime but it doesn’t go away forever. You will have to take extra care for it to not come back. article on under eye dryness

  1. Seborrheic dermatitis: these are similar to dandruff but to people having oily skin. It can easily make your under eye skin reddish and itchy. If not taken care can get worse due to pollutants and stress.
  2. Facial psoriasis: You can find these common in dry skin people. When you skin dries up you often feel itching and stretchy. It occurs around the eye. With proper usage of moisturizer it can be prevented.
  3. Diabetes: People having high sugar often lose fluids and their skin become dehydrated easily. As a result, their skin is often prone to dryness. You can ask your doctor for some medical help. They can recommend controlling sugar level as well some lotion for the affected area.
  4. Hypothyroidism: IF you are suffering from this condition, then skin dryness is common as you will hardly sweat. Consult doctor for some article on under eye dryness