How swimming pool and spas can harm you?

Going to the swimming pool and spas is quite common. In order to stay fit and relax, people often take a dip into swimming pool. But remember even if it looks clean, you cannot always be sure. These places can easily get prone to many pathogens which can harm you. If the swimming pool has not been used for long and the water is not changed, even if it appears to be clean, it becomes to home to legionella bacteria. Not only this, if someone with least hygiene enters, they will bring along some microorganisms with them and easily others can get affected.

legionella control

Other than personal hygiene it’s very much important that you maintain the cleanliness of the pool on a regular basis. It can easily become home to many harmful pathogens. Make sure that the pool is under legionella control otherwise even if you plan for a relaxing swim, you will end up falling sick than relaxing. With just a pool, an outbreak can easily be spread. If you are so much self conscious, make sure that the water of the swimming pool is tested. This will give you assurance that the water is safe for use.

Along with proper legionella risk assessment, it’s important that you take some personal measures before taking a dip in water. Before entering into the pool, go for a visual check. It should look clean and have the smell of chlorine. Make sure that the pool is regularly maintained and chlorinated so as to reduce any pathogens. Even if the chances of killing all the pathogens are less, you can at least minimize some of the odds of falling sick. You can take help from professionals. They are expertise in the field and can advise you about the measures taken to keep you pool and Jacuzzi free from legionella.