Guidelines to write flawless essays for ESL students

This is one of the greatest areas of expertise which students acquire in their graduation years. For example: If you are pursuing your studies in ESL you must be knowing that how difficult it is to complete those research and brief essays.

Consistent mistakes will lead you in disappointment and loss of motivation to continue with your studies. Follow these simple instructions to make your essays flawless:

A strong and attractive introduction

An introduction is the overview of the whole content which you are writing. Make it clear and precise.

Not loosing the track

Do not loose track of your topic or the subject on which the entire thesis is based. In some cases if you do not have enough information or if you are clueless about what to write you can take help of online services. These online services like Redacao will provide assistance regarding solving these issues.

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A good thesis statement is necessary

The thesis statement is considered as the infrastructure of your essay. It not only reflects your views but also gives a fair idea of the entire topic. It is the reflection of basically two things:

  • Your opinion(for or against) the theme
  • The way you are implementing the views in your writing.

A sturdy conclusion

This is the portion where you must express your final views. So use this opportunity as the fullest.

Repetition of words

Repeating words is a strictly “no-no”. It will make your whole piece of writing boring and will create a negative impact. Instead, use synonyms to avoid such severe mistakes in your essays.


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