E-cigarette Markets Boomed Across the Globe Amid Mounting Demand

Emerging trend of e-cigarette smoking

After propaganda on health hazards of cigarette smoking, the sales of E-cigaret or e-cigarette has surged because this is an electronic cigarette unlike regular tobacco or marijuana cigarette which doesn’t emits smoke and there is no smoke inhalation for its smoker. Therefore, it is not likely to cause damage to lungs. Many smoking addicts have switched over to the habit of e-cigarette and it has become an emerging trend in modern society. Some people view e-cigarette smoking from the viewpoint of status symbol because it is costlier compared to a regular cigarette, modern form and depicts aristocracy of the smoker.

E-cigarette has booming market

The trend of e-cigarettes is booming in most parts across the globe. The sales of this product in a single year from 2016 to 2017 has tremendously increased. For instance, JUUL Laboratories of US having its operations in UK, Canada and Israel also has figured 641% increase in the sales of e-væske or e-cigarettes during this period. The sales alone in 48 states of US is very high and is among top-selling products. This product has booming market in other western parts of the globe. The sales figures are amazing and there is growing trend of e-cigarette use. No one can say what height this will attain.

Top e-cigarette sellers

Many companies that manufacture e-cigarettes have made big profits through sales of their products due to excessive demand of electronic cigarettes among smoking community. Besides JUUL of United States, Ecigaret Land of Denmark is also a leading name in electronic cigarette products. The products of this company are known for quality. You can but electronic cigarette and accessories for this product like kits, batteries, spare parts, e-juice cartridge refills, etc. on Ecigaret’s online platform. As demand for e-cigarettes grow every year, the supply of this product and its accessories has made good availability. The use of e-cigarettes has become popular and you can get it anywhere.