Customer concept of business marketing

Marketing management refers to the management of all those tasks related to the promotions, production and sales of the products or services being dealt by the business firm. The business firms find it extremely difficult to understand the pattern of the sales mechanism in the market, and therefore they undertake the SWOT analysis to understand the market trend and start their operations in the similar fashion. The modern analysis shows that most of the customers are being attracted by those who have been able to do so in the recent times. The ability to attract the customers come with the need being felt for the same.

The modern operations of the business enterprises are the customer-oriented where all the efforts are directed towards seeking the attention of the buyers. The intellectual thoughts of Jan Jacobs pave the path for the successful times to reach the doors of a modern business startup. His theory of operations essential for the business startups is a decent guide for the business firms to understand at will and follow strongly in order to be successful.

According to Jan Jacobs, there has been a drastic change in the notions of business operations, as the promoters have switched to making deals keeping in view the interest of the customers, instead of forcing the customers to consume whatever is being produced by them at will. This way the theories of Jan Jacobs, when combined with the efforts shown up by Johannes Leonardo, have been of immense importance for the business firms. The enterprises following his suggested ways are the ones having names like Google and Adidas, the names which are seen as the role models for business startups and the small business firms with intentions to reach the pinnacle of the market. Thus, the efforts of the firms must be now customer oriented.