Bandwidth and Connectivity Server at Perth Hosting

Dedicated hosting server depends on the bandwidth and connectivity of the server whether it is in any city. Intergrid is working in 5 cities in Australia and New Zealand. Perth hosting is connected with Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland.

The bandwidth or data transfer rate is different in two packages offered in Perth hosting server services. Bandwidth pooling is one of the important mechanism for the buyers to determine which provider is offering a right mechanism for a price depending on the bandwidth.

The first package includes 4 (8T) cores with RAM of 32GB DDR4 and storage capacity of 2 x 500 SSD providing 4TB data. The cost of this package is 220$ per month. The other package is of value $350 per month which also provides 4TB data but the RAM is increased to 64GB DDR3 and storage capacity of 2 x 1TB SSDs and 1 x 2TB HDD.

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Any company working in more than one city can build the server and connect their data through dedicated hosting server provided by Intergrid. Perth hosting server service is providing its client to work on more than 50 operating systems, namely, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD, VMware ESXi, CoreOS, OpenSUSE, Custom ISO and many more.  The IP transit carrier working at Perth hosting is Vocus and Superloop, the peering exchange system working at Perth is WA-IX and Megaport MegaIX.

One of the reasons to choose outsource dedicated server is the availability of high powered networks from multiple providers as provided by Intergrid server at Perth hosting server service. The dedicated server provides a massive amount of bandwidth and secures lower volume based pricing which includes a multi-provider blend of bandwidth. But, one can also secure the same type of network without multi-provider with a large investment in core routers, long-term contracts, and expensive monthly bills. Although, Intergrid provides all these benefits in reasonable pricing.