An Effective Introduction Is Guide map to Your Essay

Essay writing is not so complex if you make complete picture of what you want to write about a topic. It would be just a foolishness to read a topic and go on writing anything that doesn’t make a sense related to the theme of a given topic. So, you should have some ideas and hints in your mind before you proceed to write. You must organize these ideas to make it a thoroughly transitioned content. For this purpose, you can use your own brain or take available online help from previously written content.

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Essay introduction

Introduction is a crown and significant part of an essay without which there is no use to proceed with body text. Introduction is an attention grabber and, therefore, it should be catchy but not too lengthy, to make create effectiveness in your whole content. essay examples usually shouldn’t exceed 2-3 sentences and should precisely focus on relevant issues in the essay topic. You can use some words, phrase or metaphor that creates curiosity to read more about the topic. The intent of a reader is grabbed from the catchy introduction and that’s why an effective introduction makes great significance in essay writing.

How main body relates to an introduction

Once you have prepared an introduction, you can’t deviate from what you have emphasized in the introduction because the main body of an essay will be transitioned based on its introduction. Therefore, it is always good to think what you want to illustrate in the main text before writing an introduction. If you think meticulously, an introduction is like an appetizer that you take before your core meal which enhances your hunger to eat more.

An effective introduction

From above discussion, you can understand why essay introduction is so significant because it is a guide map that an essay reader uses to move through the essay text, and an effective introduction serves this purpose very well.