All versions of shadow fight 3


There are many versions in the game of shadow fight 3 including which is updated recently. So here is the list of updated versions of shadow fight 3 games. Shadow fight hack 3 game is also can be played on android which has many versions. It provides free gems and coins too.

First update in version 2nd

It has updated on the date of 03-08-2017.

Description – This version can be crashed on the 1GB device. And it has many different updated improvement. This version is known by 1.1.0 version.

Third update in the fourth version –

This is updated on 21-08-2017 and this version is known by 1.1.2.

Description – After fixes, the tutorial quest will not appear. Wrong equipment will show after the open up booster.  After some fight, it will freeze.

Fifth update in the sixth version –

This is updated on 28-08-2017 and this version is

Description – It has the game crashes on few devices. After the tutorial, there is no mission. After fight game will not load with Kibo. Do not download the game in few devices.

Sixth update in the seventh version –

This is the seventh version which is known as 1.2.0 and it is updated on 09-09-2017. It has been added the dual mode in this version.

Description –  It has updated with multiplayer fight mode. Overheat devices reduces the greatness of this game. It has balance improvement function.

Eighth update in ninth version –

This eighth version is and it updates on 22.09.2017.

Description – It has the power to fix the freeze on startup and will fix the crashes of the devices. It has the power to balance the improvements.

Tenth update in the eleventh version-

It gets launched on 27th October 2017. This version has been updated on 20-10-2017 and its version is 1.4.0.

Description- In this version, it has improved the loading time and it has many bug fixes.

Hack shadow fight 3 version is better than other and old versions. This is one of the awesome fight game.