A comparison between wireless fence to wired fence

Fencing is a way which has been used since the nomad age to keep the boundary and premises secure. The early civilization also used it to mark their territory and sometimes keep their farms secure from the wild animals. This fencing developed and we see now fences dividing the countries. When it comes to animal fencing is one of the best way to keep them either inside the premise or staying away from the premise. Many people who live in places where wildlife is more use fences. Also people with pet prefers to buy fences to keep their dogs within the boundary.

Fencing can be broadly categorized into two class. First one is wired fence which is the most common one and has been used since ages. In wired fence the most common one are electric dog fencewhich helps your dog to stay within the premise and not let him cross the area. These fence are good as they restrict outside animal as well to come to your area. You need to be careful while setting up the voltage and ampere for the fence.

Second one and most innovative fences comes as wireless pet fence, which doesn’t contain any wire physically. They consist of tower which generates signal and creates a boundary around your area. This in turn creates shock in the belt your dog is wearing if he tries to cross that imaginary boundary. The only problem here is when it comes to keeping outside animal away they are not useful. If you want to control your own pet then they are the most convenient fencing available. Try and use the same if you have boundary area and want to restrict your dogs from certain places like flower beds or the garden area.